The all-plastic sandwich construction for swimming pools has been designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of Switzerland. It is ideal for large temperature fluctuations in our country. Cold winters and average summer temperatures make high demands on the material. With the special sandwich construction we meet these requirements. The basin is provided with a core insulation, is waterproof, rot-proof, moisture and temperature resistant. Due to the high stability you have many years of fun and relaxation in your pool. Is constructed from the item pool 1.5 m high screen elements, as well as individual shapes are possible. The elements are mounted on a concrete slab prepared on site and interconnected. The lateral support is ensured by oblique fortifications on the concrete slab. Fittings such as skimmers, nozzles, headlight etc. are pre-assembled at the factory. Thus, the mounting time is shortened. Custom cutouts (counter flow, water attractions, etc.) can be easily made on site at the right place. The element system provides the installation of various types of staircases. The stairs can be mounted on the longitudinal and the transverse side. It is lined in the form of a Roman staircase with foil or produced according to your wishes and with foil and non-slip kicks. Of course, a ladder is possible. The actual water shell forms a 1.5 mm fabric reinforced swimming pool liner, which is fixed at the top using the foil sheet. It is available in white, blue, azure caribic, black and mosaic (round or square) and is available exactly fit into the pelvic body, sealed tight in the corners and on the floor with the heat gun. As a separation layer between the pelvis and film a special flow is used.

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